It’s a Wonderful Life

by Michele December 9th, 2010 | Family, In-Theater Reviews
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Thanksgiving has passed, and the countdown to Christmas is in full swing.  Whether you’re already in the Christmas spirit or need a little something to get you there, It’s a Wonderful Life, is the perfect movie for the holiday season.  This classic film made its debut in 1946 and featured James Stewart and Donna Reed.  Although the movie was not a hit sensation when it was released to theaters, it has gained a huge following of adoring fans ever since.

It’s a Wonderful Life tells the story of George Bailey (Stewart).  Raised in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, George has grand dreams for his future that include exotic travel and college.  As life often does, a few curveballs are thrown into his path, and his actual future does not follow the plan of his dreams.

Though George is blessed with family and friends, he seems to meet hard times wherever he turns.  Eventually, one more instance of adversity becomes too much for George, and he questions his existence.  At this low point, George meets Clarence, an angel who is hoping to earn his wings.  Together, they witness why George is more important than he knows.

In times such as these, when the value of a present isn’t the thought putting into buying it but rather how much it costs, this movie provides a valuable lesson.  While monetary wealth can be found in possessions, the real wealth in life is our family and friends.  To quote Clarence’s inscription, “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.”

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