The Firm

by T Akery October 20th, 2016
The Firm is a movie made in 1993. The movie features a young Tom Cruise as a lawyer. It is a flashback to a time when computers were less important than the acting and the story. While the technology is out of date, the story is probably even more
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Citizen Kane

by T Akery October 13th, 2016
Citizen Kane was released in 1941 to a very non-receptive audience. Thus, its debut could be considered an utter flop. But despite this fact, it is still one of the most iconic movies ever produced. When it premiered again, the audience had changed and so did the reception of the film.

This very classic film is about a millionaire who dies uttering a mysterious word, "Rosebud". Reporters are mystified about why that was Kane's last word. So, they go on
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Star Wars – Episode IV A New Hope

by T Akery October 6th, 2016
Star Wars Episode IV can call itself the movie that started it all. While Spielberg probably didn't have a clue about how popular this franchise would ultimately become, it is still one of the movies that people remember seeing when it first came out. Back then, it was a technological wonder in both movie making, special effects and in-depth storytelling. This movie is the reason that the franchise lives on.

This episode is about young Skywalker and his path of
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  • Classic Review – Now, Voyager

    by Elizabeth Gunto September 29th, 2016
    Now, Voyager is the perfect old-fashioned drama. The 1942 Bette Davis vehicle tells the story of Charlotte Vale, an awkward woman repressed by her cruel mother (Gladys Cooper). Charlotte's concerned sister-in-law brings a respected psychiatrist, Dr. Jaquith (Claude Rains) who recommends Charlotte enter his sanitarium, Cascades. Charlotte makes some significant changes there. Her dowdy dresses and glasses are replaced with slick lady suits and big hats. Her psyche has changed, too.

    The film
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  • The Sound of Music

    by R. Carnavale September 22nd, 2016
    With one of the most spectacular and memorable movie opening sequences in film history, incredible music, and outstanding cinematography, The Sound of Music is a classic. Based on the hit Broadway musical, the film tells the story of Maria (Julie Andrews), an Austrian nun who is sent to be a governess to seven motherless children. Their father, Baron von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) is distant and strict, unable to cope
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  • Batman: 1943-Style

    by Ronald A. Rowe September 15th, 2016
    Before Ben Affleck set the Internet on fire as the next choice to play Batman, before Christian Bale restored the Caped Crusader’s good name, before George Clooney nearly ruined the franchise forever, before Val Kilmer disappointed and before Michael Keaton pleasantly surprised, before Adam West turned the Dark Knight into a lovable goofball -- there was Lewis G. Wilson*.

    Lewis starred in the 1943 serial, titled simply Batman. He was
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